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About - as pump company is founded with one primary principle in mind - customer service. Your satisfaction is our # 1 concern.

We Focus on the servicing of :

- Construction
- Industrial
- Oil Field & Marine Construction Markets
- Municipal
- Sewage Treatment
- Fire Protection

We offer a complete line of electric, gasoline, and diesel driven pumps including self priming, submersible, high pressure pumps for jetting and fire system.We want to prove that we have the solution for your pumping needs. Here are five reasons why you want to see what we can do for you:

1. Expertise We have the experience and the comprehensive knowledge of system hydraulics to design the right pumping system to get your job done. And we have the experts to set up the pumping system if you want.

2. Response Emergencies can't always wait for business hours. We are available any hour of the day to respond to your pumping emergency, no matter how big or small.

3. Ease of Use Just turn the key and the pump does the rest. No buckets of water. No worrying about the pump going dry. Our pumps can operate indefinitely in dry or low-flow conditions without damage. We use VSA pumps because they are the standard in durability and reliability. Because our pumps are so reliable, they let you do what you do best, not babysit equipment.

5. Tested We have water pool ( Test bay ) to do performance range actual test before delivery.

PT Panca Dwipa Mitra
Jl Janur Indah XI Blok LB 13
No 4 Jakarta Utara
Telp1 +6221-4500963
Telp2 +6221-45841512
Fax +6221-4584-1512

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